The Dark Knight

It was a Halloween game that wasn’t meant to end in death.
It was just for fun.
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Author: Ruby Red

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The Dark Knight

by Ruby Red

Genre Paranormal Dark Erotic Romance

Tags  Lust, sex, graphic detail, multi partners, same gender sex, mild master/slave element, fantasy, horror, and vampires.

Series:  Blood Lust Series

Imprint Wild Darkness Calls

Release September 16, 2014

Content Editor Susan Davis

Line Editor Greta Gunselman

Cover Designer Shirley Burnett

Words 8758

Pages 39

ISBN 978-1-77127-592-7

Price  $2.50

Back Cover

Count Luciano Dracul, vampire, awaits his mate for hundreds of years. She’s groomed for him and will produce a new super species when she comes of age. But she is lost to the Underworld, never to return.

Helga knows things are different about her, but what she doesn’t know is that she’s half angel and half human, and in search of a dark knight.

Then one night the two of them meet…


I, Count Luciano Dracul, the dark knight, with direct lineage of noble and bloodline descent, was created and chosen to be her knight in vampiric armour, to honour and protect her, to love and worship her, to take her innocence and keep her in a vacuum of cherished moments. But above all our main arrangement was to orchestrate the procreation of a new blend for the future of all our kinds. The “to obey” commitment was strictly for her to make to me. I was to be obeyed with every word of my command; she must never question me, for I was her Lord and Master.

It was made crystal clear to me that until our wedding night she must never know of our true Sanguinistic nature. Being so young, she was never told the purpose of the arranged marriage either, the arrangement of the “future blend.” The union to secure our future and the human population, a hybrid of human and vampire flesh.



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