The Dark Months

Two women fighting to survive for years in a bleak wilderness rescue a stranger that shifts their lonely lives forever.
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Author: SJ Smith

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The Dark Months
by SJ Smith
Wild Darkness Calls theme
Genre  Erotic Sci-Fi
Tags  ADULT CONTENT erotica, romance, sci-fi, post-apocalypse.
Cover Designer  Shirly Burnett
Words  7988
Pages  39
ISBN  978-1-77127-565-1
Price  $2.50

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After the apocalypse, two women, Kim and Calla, have survived for years surrounded by a bleak wilderness. The last night before closing their home for the dark frozen months of winter, Calla finds a stranger lying face down in the snow…a man. She’d never seen a man.

Kim disapproves of rescuing him. He’ll only be dangerous trouble.

Calla’s curiosity peaks, and she hauls him into their house for the dark months.

Will he be a danger, or something much deeper?


Calla pulled the City man to an upright position, then ushered him onto the bed. Was there perhaps a touch more colour in his cheeks now that he was inside, warm, and sheltered from the cold? She poured water from the jug into the wash pot, soaked a flannel, and wiped his parched lips. He moved his mouth slightly. She repeated the action, and this time he made a slight grunting noise. His lips parted ever so slightly. She dabbed the flannel against his face again and again.

* * * *

Kim was chopping rabbit meat and tossing it into the stewing pot with onions and potatoes. The knife slipped and nearly stabbed her hand. She swore at herself for being so clumsy. Her mind was not on the job but elsewhere, wondering what Calla was doing with the City man. Her mind kept showing her images she didn’t want to see; Calla gazing into the City man’s eyes; Calla stroking the City man’s chest; Calla leaning forward and kissing the City man’s lips. No, she spat. She slammed the knife down on the chopping board and pulled herself together in an attempt to drive the images from her head. Calla would never betray her that way. Would she?



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